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1. The product surface flatness and hardness is higher, which is helpful for excluding powder and cutting

2. The product has strong binding force

3.The overall thickness is thinner, which reduces the drilling path of the drill-bit, improves the production efficiency and the life of the drill-bit

4. High recovery value, can effectively save costs

5. Margin design for easy operation and time saving.

Model Coating-Thickness Al-Thickness Thickness Standard Size
HB03A16G 0.03mm±10% 0.16mm±10% 0.19mm±10% 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"
HB03A12G 0.03mm±10% 0.12mm±10% 0.15mm±10% 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"