Product Info


1. Patent design of wood fiber layer structure can effectively  improve the winding problem during the process of  back drilling(especially the deep back drill). Greatly improve the life of drill bit, improve processing efficiency;

2.The soft property of the resin layer increases the guiding effect of the drill bit, improves the hole position accuracy of back drilling, and can effectively speed up the drilling speed. Compared with similar products on the market, drilling speed can be improved by more than 50% without affecting drilling accuracy.

3. The special glue developed in cooperation with the university laboratory can avoid the winding and adhesion in the drilling process and effectively ensure the quality of the hole wall.

4. Margin design for easy operation and time saving

Model Coating-Thickness Al-Thickness Thickness Standard Size
HB33A13B 0.33mm±10% 0.13mm±10% 0.46mm±10% 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"