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The soft property of resin makes the drill-bit stably and positioned at the moment of drilling contact, avoiding the slippage of the tip. At the same time, thicker resin layer forms casing effect and reduces deviation of the drill-bit, makes it "straight" down, so as to improve the accuracy of hole position and reduce the drill-bit breakage.

Model Coating-Thickness Al-Thickness Thickness Standard Size
HT06A13 0.06mm±10% 0.13mm±10% 0.19mm±10% 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"
HT04A10 0.04mm±10% 0.10mm±10% 0.14mm±10% 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"
HT05A05 0.05mm±10% 0.05mm±10% 0.10mm±10% 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"