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1.There are three main processes for surface coating: water-solubility, UV resin and hot pressure mode (LPM)

2.Can effectively improve the quality of the hole wall

3.Can effectively reduce the rate of broken drill bit

4.The surface is smooth without bump

Model Surface process Thickness Density Hardness Standard Size
HMH200H water solubility 2.0mm ≥850kg/m³ HD-75±5 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"
HME250U UV resin 2.5mm ≥850kg/m³ HD-75±5 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"
HMM200L Hot pressure mode (LPM) 2.0mm ≥830kg/m³ HD-80±5 37"x49"; 41"x49"; 43"x 49"